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Advanced training for mediators

The Chamber of Mediators of Serbia provides its members with an additional school for mediators who want to learn more and more about mediation, which lasts 12 weeks and is free for all members of the chamber.

This type of additional education of mediators proved to be very useful, because it further elaborates the most important segments of mediation and emphasizes the three modules that are conducted during the 12 weeks of education.

The first module is one of the most important categories and segments of mediation and teaches media-tors how to properly present themselves to the parties to mediation and leave a favorable first impression, to provide additional security to participants, encouraging them to be at the right address when their problem in question. Sometimes it seems easy to introduce yourself to someone briefly, but try it yourself and you will see how many exercises are needed to make a good impression with the presentation. Among other things, mediators learn how to overcome anxiety, how to relax the parties in the procedure and many other technical details needed by mediators to start mediation in the right way, but also lead to a favorable solution for all participants in mediation.

The second module elaborates the part related to the skills that a mediator should have in the field of psychology, microexpression, body language, recognizing situations that can escalate into conflict, as well as leveling such situations and directing mediation to solving problems. This module is very important for beginners in mediation, because, among other things, it solves the fear of public appearance, and additionally solves the mediator’s fear of failure. By combining different techniques, mediators practice and gain additional confidence in the proper conduct of the mediation process at each session. This module helps mediators to properly allocate time for their presentation, but also for presenting their views on the problems of each party to the proceedings.

The third module is based on the practical part, where by simulating mediation, we put the mediator in all possible unforeseen situations and instruct him on how to independently solve problems that could potentially occur in each session. This, as well as other modules, firstly teaches the mediator how to set up and cope with specific situations, and through theoretical and practical exercises directs the mediator to master the material in the right way. This part is one of a kind practice of the process of the mediation and it is very useful for mediators who would like to try to be mediators once again, in front of our team, so not to make some of the crucial mistakes in real mediation.

When all three modules are passed, the verbal and final exam is being taken in front of an internal independent commission, so that in a more advanced way, with acquired new skills and knowledge, the mediator conducts mediation independently with the assistance of our colleagues. In this final exam,

The mediator has the right to make only five mistakes during one 45-minute session. In case of making more than five mistakes, the mediator is obliged to go through the whole process again, in order to gain the right to retake the exam.

The mediators that pass the final exam, get 3 stars that are clearly displayed on our site, and those interested who want to hire them as mediators, know how much each of the mediators have progressed in their personal education.

Basic training carries one star, one specialized training also carries one star, and this advanced training carries 3 stars because it lasts longer and requires maximum engagement of candidates in order to master it.

Basic training for mediators

Basic training is organized in accordance with the Rulebook on the training program for mediators (Official Gazette of RS No. 146/2014), and is one of the conditions for obtaining a license for mediation and acquiring the right to register in the Register of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.

Basic training is organized every first Wednesday of the month, lasting 5 days for 5 hours a day. The training is dynamic, very interactive and ends only when the lecturers answer all the questions of the trainees. How to become a licensed mediator of the Republic of Serbia?
The conditions for this very attractive profession were prescribed only by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, and in order to perform the duties of an intermediary, a person must meet the following conditions:

• that the person is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia
• that the person has not been sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for a criminal offense which makes him unfit to perform mediation activities
• that the person is able to work
• have at least a university degree (180 espb or more)

When our members complete the basic training for a mediator and get a permit for mediation from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, they can immediately and formally start working as a mediator. What they have as a legal obligation is to be professionally educated 10 hours a year through specialized trainings.

Mediator education

Specialized training for mediators

The Chamber in cooperation with the International Center for Education and Personal Development d.o.o. from Belgrade, organizes specialized trainings that are scored and are part of the obligation to extend the license of mediators. What is important to mention is that all specialized trainings that only once a year the members of the Chamber of Mediators of Serbia have to do in order to renew their license, are completely FREE for regular members of the chamber.

International Center for Education and Personal Development d.o.o. from Belgrade, has the following accredited specialized training, and every year another specialized training is accredited, depending on the preferences of mediators and the relevance of these trainings in society.

The following specialized trainings have been accredited:

1. Assertive communication of mediators, say no, when needed
2. Mediation in commercial disputes.
3. Mediation in the field of individual and collective labor disputes


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