Mediator support

Assistance to mediators during their first sessions and mediations

Every beginning is difficult and we know and understand it very well. That is why we are here for our members when they have their first mediation. The first problem that most mediators encounter when someone entrusts them with mediation is exactly where that mediation should take place. Mediators who are members of the Chamber of Mediators of Serbia, can use one of our offices in Serbia completely free of charge and have the full support of our entire team from start to finish. We analyze their first session together and prepare them once again, educate them, go through all the procedures together and encourage them to start the job of mediator firmly, calmly and safely. Members of the Chamber of Mediators of Serbia have access to the part where they can download all the necessary documents, from the form of the first letter, authorization to give or send to the parties, to all other necessary documents that accompany the mediation process. Finally, the form of concluding the final agreement is also available to them, when again they have the support of our legal experts completely free of charge, so that the agreement that the parties need to sign is legally enforceable and in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia. As the law stipulates that mediators do not have to be only members who graduated from the Faculty of Law, this part of that group significantly helps the completion of mediation, because then, as a rule, our colleagues, lawyers, judges and holders of the degree of Lawyer enter the scene. or indirectly in the capacity of co-mediator and score by compiling the correct form of the agreement on the termination of mediation. Then they go with the parties to certify the signatures with notaries and after the certification the signed document becomes an enforceable document, which produces the same legal effect as the verdict passed by the Judge after the end of the process in the Court.

Mediator support

During the mediation process, the sessions that are conducted are able to provoke mixed emotions, and a firm and fair, and at the same time well-argued attitude is what makes a mediator good. In the next part, you will learn more about additional trainings conducted only by the Chamber of Mediators of Serbia, completely free of charge for its members, because our goal is that when you choose someone who proudly holds the title of member of the Chamber of Mediators, you know that you made the right choice. in addition to the obligatory basic and specialized trainings, he additionally educated and acquired various skills necessary for the right interlocutor, whose word is valid, and the attitude shows security.

The Chamber of Mediators of Serbia is a large family of learned people who take care of each other, help each other, make friends, but also cooperate outside of business activities in the Chamber.

Our mediators, members of the chamber, never forget the initial help, and it is really a nice feeling when we meet, apologize, hug and know that we have so many real friends, always ready to help.


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