The Chamber of Mediators of Serbia decided to enable its members and other interested mediators to attend specialized training – „Introduction to presentation skills and public speaking“ – shortly after completing the specialized training “Mediation in the banking field, leasing, and insurance“.

The Chamber of Mediators of Serbia decided on this approach because not all of the Chamber members had experience with presentation skills and public appearances.

Organized by the International Center for Education and Personal Development, an online training was held with numerous participants.

The lecturers at this training were licensed mediators, Mrs. Mila Marcheta, trainer of business and personal excellence, and Mrs. Branka Lazić, journalist, editor, and PR. Both of them are experts with many years of experience in these fields.

In the course of this specialized training, participants will gain knowledge about the art of presentation and public speaking. By showing them ways of presenting they will gain the necessary confidence in public speaking, such as voice skills, vocabulary, emotional intelligence, speech and body position in performances, etc.