At the 38th Great Conference of the Center for Management that took place in Zlatibor whose partner is the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, The International Center for Education and Personal Development conducted a specialized training “Mediator in practice – from registering a business entity to finding a client”.

As part of this specialized training, covered are all the areas on which the practical action of mediators in the system of business entities are based, both in terms of obligations and rules of business, as well as in terms of the possibility of mediation from the aspect of the business entity.

The lecturer at this training is prof—Dr. Igor Pejović, internationally recognized expert in finance.

As the most important areas covered in training, the following can be singled out: learning about the types of business entities, the process of opening a business entity at the Agency for Business Registers, tax obligations of mediators, obligations towards the state, keeping business records, interpreting various legal obligations important for mediators, how to reach the client, the advantages of direct and indirect advertising, etc.

After the theoretical part, there was an exercise in applying the acquired knowledge and the topics that were covered.